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Securak is a leading organization, helping people with the most reliable personal license training course to get eligible to work in the sales of alcohol. Our Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders is an approved and nationally recognised.

Personal License Training Course - Securak

Hospitality is a lucrative industry and offers great career opportunities. If you are in London and wishes to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, having a personal license is mandatory and you can’t even think about entering the industry without having one. The best, and the only, way to apply for a personal license is to join a personal license training course.


This is a specially prepared training course, designed to make you eligible to supply alcohol and to authorize others to also supply alcohol. This becomes mandatory if the place that you are working is covered by a Premises License.


Working in the hospitality industry is consumed by shift patterns where you might have to work hard. While staff training is not a legal requirement, but attending personal license courses by an authorized tutors is. Every licensed premise must have one personal license holder working all the times.


Once an individual has completed a personal license course, they take a multiple-choice test which covers areas from the responsible alcohol sale. The role of the authorized license holder includes licensing hours and unauthorized licensed activity among a number of others.


After completing personal license training, the candidate is issued a ten years license that can later be renewed for a further 10 years as long as you have not been convicted of any offence in the country. With the increased demand and flexibilities by the government, individuals can now access these courses in a number of diverse ways, which helps the individuals to be eligible to apply for the personal license and wok in hospitality. This course helps individuals to successfully learn at a time, pace and place to suit them.


These courses are flexible enough to match your time and cost effective way to learn, ensuring less disruption to the business.


If you are considering to pursue career in hospitality industry, Securak is the right choice to get your personal license with the help of professional and authorized personal license course. We take pride in having trained 20,000 people in the previous years. With flexible courses running during the week, weekend and evening we’ve got you covered.


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