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Work, home or commute, First Aid Training is a pretty smart asset to own. Now, before you jump to thinking you need to perform heart transplants left, right and centre, First Aid Training does not mean you are the person responsible for saving lives on the 169 bus on your way to work at 8AM. A First Aider’s duty is to sustain life until Medical professionals are on the scene in case of an injury or illness. However, without adequate training this can go very wrong and being the first on the scene can be scary, therefore it is vital that necessary training is undertaken.

 First Aid Training Courses - Securak

First Aid Training Courses - Securak

The Health and Safety Act of 1974 recommend all employers and work places to have the correct First Aid Training and First Aid Equipment in place. This is to ensure all health and safety measures are taken by both the staff and customers. As mentioned before, a First Aider is not a ‘Doctor’ or a ‘Nurse’. A First Aider is essentially the First to Aid (no pun intended) when medical assistance is needed. The person must be aware of the actions needed to take within certain situations, as well as being well-equipped with lifesaving techniques that can be used when required. For all this to work, you must have the qualification to back you up so before you take off your jacket and put your bag down to deliver the best First Aid the world has ever witnessed you must first be qualified and to get qualified you need to sit approved First Aid Courses where trained professionals will assess you and agree that you can handle an emergency.


Now, we’ve all seen that same typical scene in a movie where the hero saves a man from choking on a peanut, and so most people are under the same misconception of the role of a first aider. I mean don’t get me wrong, the techniques and skills acquired from sitting First Aid Courses are very useful and in some cases lifesaving and can come into use for even the people you love most. Although it is well known that a First Aider’s training limits their powers to only being useful in basic emergency situations, it is not wrong to accept that even a basic level of medical knowledge is more than enough in most emergency cases that we see or hear about, to be more clear, a First Aider will never be asked to save someone’s life from a shark attack or operate heart surgery. Plus, it’s not always about being a hero, imagine you’re watching someone bleed uncontrollably and there is nothing you can do, well one of the key elements covered from First Aid Training are “Prevention Skills”, the definition of this term as you guessed is very simple, good First Aid Training can help someone minimise the risk of further, more serious injury or pain.


In First Aid Courses a trained professional must go through all the First Aid techniques before a live class all while, explaining why, how and where the moves should be put into use, this three-day course consists of the trainer allowing everyone to physically demonstrate all the moves before a live class on a manikin and each other and a written examination on the final day, this will ensure that all learners understand the importance of the skills taught to be used in the correct way. Once a learner successfully shows competence in the field, they will be certificated, allowing them to use their training into the real world.


The key learning objectives of the First Aid Courses are:


             - Prevention of illness and injury to others or self

             - Preserving life

             - Prevention of further harm to injured individual

             - Promotion of recovery


To conclude, First Aid Training is a very useful qualification to hold, it can come in handy at any time and when the need for a First Aider comes it can be a life saver (literally). The three-day First Aid Training course can facilitate anything between a small office room and a construction site. It will cover all the basic day-to-day emergency that can arise as well as many more skills that most people would love acquire, due to its hands-on approach the course will also allow the participants to think on their feet and experience being in the shoes of a First Aider before actually having to bare all the pressure in real life.

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