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I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s vital that we feel safe at all times, needless to say, whether you’re at home or at work, an employee or a customer, personal and premises security is extremely important to everyone.

SIA Door Supervisor Course London  - Securak

The next time you’re at Sainsbury’s doing your weekly shopping or at an event at the Emirates Stadium for the unveiling of a major transfer (not that it’s likely to happen in our lifetime) you’ll notice there’s always a few big guys wearing t-shirts and shades standing around, often located at the entrances and exits. These security personnel guarding the doorways are known as Door Supervisors, it is their responsibility that the venue policies are upheld, they are also accountable for the protection of the business, its reputation, assets and people. Some of their roles also include ensuring prevention of unauthorized entry or damage to the property, conflict outbreaks or any other irregularities. In line with the venue’s admission policy they can also authorize who has access to the premises and who doesn’t!


The job description for a Door Supervisor is quite intense and in order to legally practice as one in the UK you must roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks, have a ‘CAN DO’ attitude.....aaannnndd…you’re also required to undergo mandatory training called the Door Supervisor Course. This specialized training isn’t designed to help door supervisors do more push-ups in the gym, or get bigger biceps, instead it equips them with the skills and traits needed to prevent conflict from occurring and one of the main ways they can do this is through talking to people and using positive and professional communication to deescalate unwanted incidents.


In order to work as a Door Supervisor you must attend and pass the Door Supervisor course at an approved training centre and using your certification, you can apply for an SIA Licence and then you’re all set to work and kick a** (please note: this statement is not to be taken literally, Securak will not be held liable for any a** kicking). Remember, as well as a legal requirement, an SIA Licence also acts as a reminder to employers and customers alike, that Door Supervisors are competent security personnel.


With the Door Supervisor course candidates are able to take work in a wide variety of workplaces (yippee!) such as banks, hospitals, casinos, bars, nightclubs, airports, shopping areas, offices, construction and various other environments. Contact Securak as the UK’s leading provider of Door Supervisor License courses.


The Door Supervisor course is broken down into four modules:


        1. Working within the Private Security Industry  

        2. Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

        3. Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry

        4. Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry


An SIA Licence is valid for three years and can be renewed four months prior to its expiration date. Upon renewal candidates are required to either complete the full Door Supervisor Course again or just attend the Upskilling Door Supervisor Training (refresher course). In order to apply for a Door Supervisor licence the following qualifications are required to have:


        • Met the minimum age requirement (18 or above)  

        • Passed your Door Supervisor Course from an approved training provider

        • The correct Identity and proof of address

        • Passed the Criminal Record Check


Earning cash is always a good idea and one way how you can make some more is by doing the CCTV Training Course along with the Door Supervisor Course. With CCTV training you are permitted to work as a CCTV Operator in a control room and the pay is quite good too :)

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