Citb Site Managers Course London

In the UK there are 2.9 million people employed in the construction industry, which accounts for approximately 10% of all the jobs (in over 280,000 businesses)! Believe it or not, Construction contributes nearly £90bn to our economy, 6.7% of the total. And it’s not just booming in the UK, but globally – I mean don’t just take my word for it, according to Global Construction 2025 worldwide construction output is forecast to increase from around $8.5 trillion today to $12 trillion in 2025, which is quite a big jump right?

Citb Site Managers Course London

As well as being a lucrative industry, construction can also be a dangerous one, that’s if the necessary precautions haven’t been made. HSE reported in the year 2013/14 – 2015/16 around 2.2 million working days were lost due to work-related illnesses in this sector. So the bottom line is that an industry which involves ‘that kind’ of money and a high level of risk isn’t a walk in the park for most. Managing a site with over fifty operatives, each with their own roles and duties, equipment isn’t easy. So whose job is it to manage a site and to ensure that everything is in order and the likelihood of an accident from occurring is the same as Arsenal winning the premier league in our lifetime…zero!


It is the role of the Site Manager (often referred to as the Construction Manager) to ensure that work is carried out correctly and safely with minimum risk. Site managers, are responsible for the day-to-day on site running of a construction project. Site managers are required to keep within the timescale and budget of a project, and manage any delays or problems encountered on-site during a construction project. Also involved in the role is the managing of quality control, health and safety checks and the inspection of work carried out. Many site managers will be involved before site activity takes place, and are responsible for managing communications between all parties involved in the on-site development of the project. Site managers are often required to deal with inquiries and communication with the public. Typically a site manager is employed by a construction company, contractor or civil engineering firm but are often employed by local authorities to oversee the refurbishment of council owned properties.


CITB are the Industry Training Board and a partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England, Scotland and Wales. It's our job to work with industry to encourage training, which helps build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce. The support and funding CITB provide helps companies to improve skills, increase their competitiveness and respond to challenges such as the low carbon agenda, reducing costs on site and recruiting the best talent for their sector. Almost all construction sites require their managers to have the Citb Site Managers Course, also known as the SMSTS (The Site Management Safety Training Scheme) course before they start any work in the site. The Citb Site Managers Course gives Site Managers a detailed insight to their legal responsibilities regarding health, safety, welfare and environmental issues. This five-day Smsts Training Course provides project managers, site managers and supervisors, business proprietors and client-based personnel with the knowledge and skills to enable them to ensure healthy and safe conditions for construction site employees.


Smsts Training Course Outline:

- The Health and Safety at Work Act

- Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations

- Risk assessments/method statements

- Recent changes in accepted working practices

- Behavioural safety

- Management of occupational health

- Electricity - Excavations

- Working at height - Scaffolding

- Demolition

- Confined spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Citb Site Managers Course usually take?

   • The course runs for five days.


2. Will certificates be provided for each participant?

   • Yes. Certificates from CITB are given to participants.


3. How long is the validity of the Citb Site Managers Course?

   • The Smsts Training Course is valid for 5 years. Candidates are required to sit the SMSTS Refresher course in order to renew the certificate.


4. Can this five-day Citb Site Managers Course be delivered on my site at a date of my choice if I have a group of staff members that need training?

   • Yes, for group booking we can deliver the Smsts Training Course on site at a date of your choice.


5. How is the Citb Site Managers Course assessed?

   • The Smsts Training Course is assessed by a 30 minutes multiple-choice exam with 25 questions, you need to get 18/25 to pass.


6. What happens if I fail the Smsts Training Course?

   • The Citb Site Managers Course comes with our pass guarantee. This means if you fail the course you will need to resit the exam, however resit costs are on the house!


7. Do you need prior experience in the construction industry to attend the Citb Site Managers Course?

   • No, you don’t need prior experience or qualifications to attend the Smsts Training Course.


8. Can I complete this course online?

   • This course cannot be completed online. You must attend the training at an approved centre.

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